An on-line reference for John James Audubon's artwork and writings.

Charleston’s Gardeners, Naturalists, and Scientists

“Audubon” is the single name that is likely most associated with conservation. This might be due to the conservation organization that is named in honor of John James Audubon. It might also be due to the magazine that The Audubon Society publishes that is titled Audubon. Audubon’s artwork also appears in countless books and in other forms of print, hangs on walls all over the world, and has had billions of searches on the internet.

John James Audubon completed many of his drawings for Birds of America in Charleston, South Carolina. Many other naturalists, scientists, and gardeners lived and worked in Charleston, including John Bachman, Caroline Gilman, André Michaux and his son François André Michaux, John Bartram and his son William Bartram, Elizabeth Lamboll, Loutrel Briggs, Edmund Ravenel, Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz, Charles Shepherd, Alexander Garden, John Lining, Joel Poinsett, and Mark Catesby.

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